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Links for 17 Jan. 2023

Orthodox bishops in France condemn euthanasia,

Many dozens baptized in the Congo,

Tom Fleming on what to do about immigration and why,

A Robert Frost poem on real community, on neighborly cooperation,

TSA increasingly using facial recognition tech at uS airports (the totalitarian opposite of the Frost poem),

Human sacrifice is still being practiced in the West,

Tennessee makes another try at establishing a State bullion depository,

New suggestions for neutralizing the toxicity of covid spike proteins in the body,

Coastal restoration project doing more harm than good?

A small step in the right direction regarding Louisiana’s public schools and religion,

The connection with France of our Father among the Saints Anthony the Great (+356),

The chilling future of post-humanism,

Common sense rules about the sexes shouldn’t be controversial, but they are nowadays,

DEI training makes workplace relationships worse,

Reparations shakedowns to salve the progressive conscience,

CDC wants to use AI, etc., to control thoughts so that no one will question the value of vaxxes,

Healthy user bias and vaxxes,

The Western tanks going to Ukraine probably will not make much of a difference in the war,

Interesting Russian words – krasny kholm = pretty hillock,, chernoezero = black lake,

The shaky uS story about the Lockerbie bombing close to falling apart?

uS still playing games in Libya,

Insights into the holiness of the Royal Martyrs of Russia,

‘Evil Russia’ adding mandatory traditional religious history course for university students,

Stern warnings for societies against tolerating homosexuality,

An encouraging proposal in Nevada,

Science trying to conquer death,

Loss of Christian faith and practice leading to spike in suicides?

China blisters the uS for its ongoing occupation and plunder of Syria,

China’s falling population,

Europeans not as keen on the Ukraine war as their political leaders,

A good reason to wait before making a final judgment about news stories,

Sweden finally has had enough of immigrant violent crime,

Hungarians overwhelmingly dislike sanctions on Russia,

uS – from international protector to predator,

St Genevieve march in Paris allowed to go ahead by judge,

EU also seeing record illegal immigration,

A goodwill measure toward Syria by Turkey?

FAA changes to the heart test for pilots is an admission that the covid shots have caused lots of heart damage,

Another problem with crypto currencies has been revealed,

The new War on Autocracy is the War on Terror, only bigger,

Gen Z has lost touch with reality thanks to the internet,

Woke totalitarians can’t wait to devour Christian athletes,


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