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Links for 18 Jan. 2023

How businesses use phony titles to avoid onerous federal wage regulations,

‘The Midwestern Identity’,

The end of the petrodollar is near,

The uS dollar will eventually lose a lot of value because of that,

Some States seem to be aware of that and are taking appropriate measures,,

10 million mail ballots unaccounted for in California,

Climate change propagandists exposed in staged arrest,

Address at UN details Kiev regime’s persecution of the Orthodox Church,

A pro-life event in Russia,

Ivanka Trump provides more evidence that covid was a planned event,

One of Syria’s Christian gifts to the world,

Wokeness invades medical education in Louisiana,

Don’t let ‘numbers’ rather than Christian teaching determine marijuana policy,

The history of a little Cajun town,

The tragedy of Prince Harry’s life,

Prince William stumbled also for cooking rather than attending his godfather’s (King Constantine II of Greece) funeral,

A short exploration of Poe and Gothic literature,

Cheers to South Carolinians for not forgetting their history,

Celebrating one of the giants of the Christian Faith,

Greece investing heavily in ‘green’ energy; will it cause trouble in the future?

Not looking for Ukraine’s army,

The real potential assassin of Zelensky is the CIA,

Better investments for the uS’s billions in donations to the Kiev regime,

Parallels between the Aztecs and Germany,

The metaphysics of the Big 4 who are set to lead the resistance to the degenerate West (at the end of the essay),

A look at the beautiful, agrarian Valaam Monastery in Russia’s far north,

Advice for Christian parents raising children,

Guess who’s at the root of the Brazilian 8 Jan. rioters?  Confederates who fled the States after the War!  Those evil villains never sleep in their wrongdoing!

Church of England bows to LGBT pressure, will bless same-sex unions,

Very ancient rune stone found in Norway,

Police officials at all levels in the uS ‘tracking money transfers without a court order’,

uS seeks to keep Africa under its thumb; Africans say No,

China’s FM Qin sees an Asian and African Century ahead,

Dugin on the various eras and epochs of Christianity,

Pentagon stiffs soldiers dismissed for refusing to get covid jabs of their backpay,

The groundwork is being laid for AI/robot doctors,

Four new studies show how dangerous wireless radiation is to human health,

More needless child suffering due to covid shots,

The uS today could benefit greatly by adopting JFK’s attitude toward Russia,

uS FedGov confiscating Russian assets has antecedents in the South during the War,

Dante’s friction with Christian tradition,

37 wonderful Christian missionaries and martyrs of Egypt,


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