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Links for 19 Jan. 2023

Sir Roger Scruton on the importance of architecture,

Utah vs the feds on guns,

Another RINO Mitch aims for the uS Senate,

Provorov’s stand against LGBT ‘pride’ event has lots of support,

But there was also a predictable woke meltdown over it,

All change is not progress,

A breakdown of Rep Lee’s racist non-sense bill,

The entanglement of Western capital in foreign places increases the likelihood of war to defend those investments,

The good and the bad of modern China,

Chinese researchers help blow up the effective covid vaxx narrative,

The fools-for-Christ are a great help to communities,,

Republicans continue to support the CO2/climate change scam,

Even uS-vassal Iraq is trying to decouple from the uS dollar,

Aliens in Greek thought through the ages,

Why not nominate Viktor Orban for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Corrupting language and changing place names are ways to destroy historical memory and cultural/political unity,

A demonstration of the high value Christians place on sexual/bodily purity,

The uS empire on the verge of collapse,

Countries are racing to replace the uS dollar,

A Christian defense of monarchy,

A California woman flees the uS for Russia,

A saint loved by deer,

New methods of raising cattle,

Robot ability upgrade,

Retired Polish general pours cold water on the idea that the Kiev regime can win against Russia,

Macron calls for a European community free from pressures from the uS and China,

uS trying to drag Latin American countries into their war with Russia in the Ukraine,

Accounting mismanagement continues at the Pentagon,

The prayers that miraculously opened the doors of a cathedral,

Louisiana LNG arrives in Germany,

FedGov trying to reinstate mask mandate,

The latest threat to online speech, via the WEF,

Vaxxing of livestock may jump dramatically,

Insights from John C. Calhoun (thanks to an unnamed person for these links),,

The spiritual side of the war:  A fake Christian ‘church’ is being built in the Ukraine by the globalist powers,

DeSantis proposal would outlaw some covid restrictions,

The English as admirers of Gen Jackson and the South as a whole,

Robotics/AI is extinguishing the unique sparks of humanity in us,


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