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Links for 21 Jan. 2023

Ivan Provorov is the voice of conscience that the LGBT crowd is desperate to silence,

Republicans pushing diversity and inclusion idiocy in the uS House,

In praise of John Quincy Adams’s foreign policy of restraint,

Tulane’s commitment to wokeness displayed,

80 of Illinois’s 102 counties have pledged not to enforce the State’s new gun registration law,

The ugly ties between Big Tech and the Pentagon and the resulting foreign propaganda they engaged in,

The surprising history of St Nicholas Orthodox Church in Cuba,

Mexico’s efforts to break free from the globalists,

Why the uS is looking strong internationally for the moment,

The saints are very much alive and help us here and now,

The dangers of slighting God’s holy friends,

Ukie shenanigans in disrupting the grain export deal,

uS attitudes shifting away from all-out support for Ukraine,

God’s actions are not bound by the laws of nature,

Mighty athletes of Christ who contended in Spain in the 3rd century,

Another example of Facebook’s twisted morals,

Orthodox Christian manlore vs modern secular anthropology,

The Logos does not simply create material things with his words; He also creates the rational, invisible structures of law, family, gov’t, etc., they inhabit,


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