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Links for 23 Jan. 2023

A wonderful appraisal of poetry, theology, creativity, and reality,

Whoever flees sorrows and troubles for worldly comfort puts his salvation at risk,

A hymn to St John the Baptist,

A wonderful work of art dedicated to the memory of Matthew Fontaine Maury destroyed for no good reason,

Man is more than just an individual,

We’re overdue for a debt jubilee in the uS,

Dr Clyde Wilson – Southerners owe no loyalty to a regime that hates them and their ancestors,

St Mark of Ephesus gives a sermon on the Jesus Prayer,

Facebook doesn’t mind neo-Nazi ties of Ukraine fighters,

The latest bizarre claim from the desperate lying West about Russia,

Truth, content, form, and implications for writing,,

More warnings about ChatGPT and the destruction of basic human things we take for granted,

In defense of President Warren Harding,

Orthodox Christians turn out for March for Life in DC,

Mass baptisms continue in Africa,

Trump losing supporters because of his covid jab stance,

Australia’s health woes rising because of covid shots,

Flashback to 2003, when Australian leaders warned that face masks were only effective for 20 minutes,

CIA has ties to genetic engineering experiment to revive extinct animals,

Here come the annual covid boosters,

The party of death strikes again,

Why are Republicans in Oklahoma pushing to legalize psychedelic mushrooms?

A better idea from that State – a bullion depository,

Local officials trying to silence voices that challenge them,

The invisible foot – the unintended consequences of laws,

Hillsdale College has a statue of the heterodox Frederick Douglass at its campus,

Using math to inculcate a sense of wonder and awe of the order of the universe given by God; also helpful for cultivating the powers of the mind to grasp higher ideas,

A silent saint of the Euphrates who did not oppose the will of those who moved him around to a number of places,

The diagnosis and cure for the woke heresy,

The dangerous international implications of the Russia collusion hoax,

King Charles embraces LGBT ideology,

A timely message for those who think there can be compromise with the trans crowd,

The rising megacities of the world (most in Asia and Africa),

UK data should cause covid vaxxing to stop,

Covid shots harm men’s reproductive health,

Pride leads to disaster,

Psychologizing identity means anything less than full acceptance and encouragement of chosen lifestyles is a crime of aggression and harm,

Turkey still standing in the way of Sweden’s joining of NATO,

Middle East countries ending their support for DC’s war in Syria,

Russia-hate in the UK still high,

Lomonossov, a brilliant Christian polymath in Russia,

Reading the Lives of the Saints is an essential part of the Christian life,

The role of the earth’s core in climate cycles,

Media censorship in France,

Hungary draws red line on sanctions against Russia,

The latest high-level spy scandal involving uS intelligence agencies,

Aluminum, vaxxes, and brain damage,

The covid vaxx harm coverup,

Covid response looks a lot like abuse,

Glyphosate showing up in more places where it shouldn’t,

An alternative view of viruses and viral infections,

A rather stunning admission by the UK Medicine Regulator about the artificial nature of the covid DNA used in the Pfizer vaxx,

uS are after revenge in Afghanistan for their defeat by the Taliban,

God has not left the world without the consolation of new Saints,,

The difficult times Greece enduring during WWII,

Lessons about collapse for the uS from Argentina,

The amoral utopia the Elite are striving to create,

Good advice for a world obsessed with only the passing present moment,


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