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Links for 25 Jan. 2023

Germany admits it:  We’re at war with Russia,

Kiev regime sanctions more Orthodox Christians,

Some in the West are finally seeing the truth about the Kiev regime and its Christian persecution,

Links between the CIA, Nazis, and Ukraine,

The first bishop martyred by the Soviets, who was ruling in Kiev at the time,

Russian and Syrian officials consecrate rebuilt churches in Syria that were wrecked by the West’s regime change war,

Satanic statue goes up on top of NYC courthouse,

Demonic trans teaching presented to little kids in North Carolina,

Massive number of deaths caused by covid shots confirmed again in new study,

An ensample we all need to follow when it comes to the murdering political elite,

Reading hard books vs watching addictive internet videos,

Virgil in the early uS,

Oklahoma vs federal gun regs,

Freedom to Farm Act in Missouri!

Globalist technocrats working on ways to read our thoughts,

More consolidation in the health care business world,

The uS needs great Christian evangelists to undo the revolutions of recent years:  Pat Buchanan,

A valuable essay on protecting the true subcultures in the uS,

A major new attack on the remnants of tradition in Roman Catholicism,

States withdrawing funds from BlackRock not doing enough to stop its continued growth in profits and power; more must be done,

A singing saint of Syria,

Will Greece destroy its mighty shipping industry because of climate idolatry?

Pope Francis wants countries to legalize acts of sexual depravity,

Another Big Pharma disaster that is killing people, particularly children,

Yet another risky new pill from Big Pharma – this one for Alzheimer’s,

France pushed out of Burkina Faso,

The price increases resulting from Western sanctions on Russian energy are biting those same Western countries powerful hard,

The oldest known document written on Romanian soil is a letter written by a holy saint,

Biden’s anti-European, pro-giant corporation immigration scheme,

Another victory for the atheists as they use the 1st Amendment to dismantle Christianity in the uS,

PUFAs driving chronic disease in the West,

The federal judiciary has no grounds for considering an appeal on a State matter like this one,

Is Mike Pence doing the deep state a favor with his classified docs admission?

An alternative cancer therapy?

Protestant iconoclasm in the 17th century helped preserve what they were trying to destroy,

Scary for the people of Australia:  Bill Gates meets with their PM,

A black fellow who rises above Confederaphobia,

Pro-FDR conservatives?

The terribly destructive foreign policy of the uS,

Rigid adherence to the ideology of capitalism can cause unnecessary problems for the uS; lithium mining nationalization in Mexico is a good counter-ensample,

A good quote from Rod Dreher:  ‘The Sexual Revolution ultimately benefits willful males. The re-paganization of Western culture is a recapitulation of Greco-Roman culture, in which free (= non-slave) males held the power to rape and otherwise sexually exploit women, children, and subordinate (slave) men. We have recreated the brutality of Rome and the ethic of the prison yard, and we call it Progress. That’s wokeness for you.’

The life and teachings of St Hilary of Poitiers, France,

Dolly Parton, prophetess?

MLK, Jr, is a false god before whom clueless right-wingers genuflect (thanks to an unnamed person for these links),,

The Holy Bible now available in the Karakalpak tongue,


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