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Links for 26 Jan. 2023

Pfizer trying to keep its covid vaxx racket going by creating its own covid mutations to introduce into the population,

Fake OCU taking over holy sites in the Ukraine and Mt Athos,,, and singing songs about murdering Russians while inside one of them,

 . . . It is not a good idea to be in opposition to the Orthodox Church, though,

Another article on the West’s war against the Orthodox Church,

Time to repudiate some gov’t debt, again,

A family of saints,

Lots of ‘fact-checking’ organizations receive money from Soros and other globalists,

Toward a more balanced trade relationship with China?

A Christian martyr tortured without mercy destroys a heathen temple and its idols by his prayers,

Food freedom in Wyoming and other States,

Food shortages coming?

Tractor Supply’s globalist ties,

Another wonderful Syrian ascetic honored in January,

Where are the chivalrous men?  They should be the ones protecting these young women,

Pictures of Louisiana’s native wildlife,

Rural woes mount:  More hospitals closing,

Col Macgregor makes the statement as clearly as one can:  The uS and the West cannot win in a war against Russia, but they are foolishly provoking one anyway,

A description of the moral/religious revolution we are all living through in the West,

Viktor Orban of Hungary:  ‘ “The best hope today is the Orthodox . . . ”  Orban went on to call Orthodox Christians “the most important reserve” for Christians in the West to regain their religious footing’,

Military-industrial complex is having a bonanza of profits thanks to the Ukraine war; why would they want it to stop?

Kidney injury the latest ‘benefit’ of the covid jabs,

Western tanks going to Ukraine are insignificant when contrasted with Russia’s tank numbers,

The kind of Christian political leader the world desperately needs today,

J6 protestors vs Vietnam War protestors,

The West seeks more ways to subjugate Iran,

Tradition, technology, individualism, and cultural collapse,

Statue of Hercules unearthed in Rome,

The West is a shrinking sect of revolutionary individualists vs the vast majority of the globe, which is far more traditional,

The Ever-Virgin Mary in the life of the Church,

Russia’s Christian culture of pro-family, moral freedom draws down the ire of the West,

 . . . The contrast with the Vatican itself is striking,

Another judicial dud nominated for the federal bench,

Iran flexing her muscles at home and abroad,

The uS federal gov’t is the actual ‘transnational criminal organization’ that needs sanctioning,

 . . . Case in point:

The disease of loneliness,

The four giants who control a lot of the agriculture market,

The actors trying to reshape what we eat,

UK going in the opposite direction of uS, ending recommendation of boosters,

Legal victory for doctors in California,

The GOP shows a little backbone,

Manipulating blockchain to blackmail people,

Pouting because governors aren’t marching in lockstep with FedGov on foreign policy,

Hypermedicalization leads to higher costs for moms to give birth to their babies,

Expansion of federal regulation of rental properties,

The brothers of the Holy Dormition-Kiev Caves Monastery respond to attempts by the Zelensky regime to throw them out of their home,


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