Links for 29 Sept. 2022

A healer of souls and bodies, Saints for Iran, Why don’t Zionist Christians pay any attention to the wonderful saints of the Holy Land? How a Christian city shows its unity and keeps its traditions alive, uS pipeline sabotage – a repeat of the leadup to world war? Covid usedContinue reading “Links for 29 Sept. 2022”

Links for 28 Sept. 2022

A martyr’s severed head causes the destruction of idols, The ancient sources of originalism, Manufacturing shutting down in Europe because of energy costs,  . . . just the way the uS wants it, uS trying for regime change in Georgia, Russia’s new zero-waste nuclear reactor is now operational, AContinue reading “Links for 28 Sept. 2022”

Links for 27 Sept. 2022

Pro athletes not immune from covid vaxx coercion, Oceans, not CO2 in the atmosphere, driving climate cycles, Hate speech laws are used by the powerful against the weak, Ideology trumps common sense in Belgium, Another FedGov plan to complicate the uS energy grid comes under fire, Public schools in theContinue reading “Links for 27 Sept. 2022”

Links for 26 Sept. 2022

An illustration of how old the Orthodox worship service is, The latest political intimidation tactics from the Biden regime (thanks to B for this link), A good Christian movie the whole family can enjoy,, The symbolism of walls and gates in the Christian city of Constantinople, Are the globalists tryingContinue reading “Links for 26 Sept. 2022”

Links for 24 Sept. 2022

A young girl fighting cancer receives help from the Mother of God, A joyful day for Alaska, Holiness creates equality between men and women, uS intelligence hacking China, More uS meddling in foreign countries’ affairs, Ways to treat/prevent Alzheimer’s, The Judiciary Act of 1789 shredded the Philadelphia constitution, reading “Links for 24 Sept. 2022”

Links for 23 Sept. 2022

The pro-life nature of the Orthodox Church reveals itself today, Turmoil for Orthodox Christians in the Ukraine,, The virtues of the older generations of Greeks, California bans more hydrocarbon-powered appliances, engines, A good, family-loving Cajun-Southern woman (May her memory be eternal!), The energy crisis has been imposed on theContinue reading “Links for 23 Sept. 2022”

Links for 22 Sept. 2022

A gardener-saint, A saint beloved by the animals, Ted Cruz just destroyed his credibility as a conservative, Jared Kushner, too, More Nazi symbols in the Ukraine army spotted, The ice sheets in the Antarctic aren’t dramatically shrinking, BBC helps Facebook censor discussions of covid vaxx harms, Meta +Continue reading “Links for 22 Sept. 2022”

Links for 21 Sept. 2022

A church blown up by the Soviets in 1975 will be restored, Reasons not to trust the Turks/Muslims, The revolutionary character of modern calls for equality, The sad fall of Vanderbilt University, Yuval Hariri on hackable humans and Biden’s transhumanist EO, Plum Island, Nazi scientists, and bioweapons, Cloning embryosContinue reading “Links for 21 Sept. 2022”

Links for 20 Sept. 2022

Lawsuit filed over deadly hospital covid protocols, USDA is a cruel animal slaughterhouse, Don’t carry a Russian flag, or you’ll get arrested, Pentagon won’t budge from covid jab requirement, Dem obsession with MAGA Republicans has led to a death, Celebrating deliverance from plague by a wonderworking icon of the MotherContinue reading “Links for 20 Sept. 2022”

Links for 19 Sept. 2022

Why monarchy ought not to be dismissed so lightly (who is leading resistance to satanic forces like these princes?), The ‘American tradition’ of stealing elections, The importance of the Jesus Prayer in the Christian’s life, Downsides to the uS war for independence from Great Britain, In praise of King George III,Continue reading “Links for 19 Sept. 2022”

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