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Links for 9 Nov. 2022

Selfish politicians and a GOP underperformance, States pass amendments that needle the feds,,,, More late-night voting machine ‘anomalies’?  Germany launching a geopolitical Reformation away from uS unipolarism? Some good news for the Orthodox in Ukraine for a change, Republicans should NOT jettison culture war issues; they loseContinue reading “Links for 9 Nov. 2022”


Links for 8 Nov. 2022

Massive pro-Ukraine, anti-Russian social media psy-op campaign from fake Twitter accounts, NATO’s sick gender obsession, A closer look at the globalists’ ‘stakeholder capitalism’, A good ensample of State nullification of the feds, Teenagers spending nearly half their day staring at a screen, Integrating holy, healing objects into health care, reading “Links for 8 Nov. 2022”

Links for 7 Nov. 2022

Satanic Hallowe’en costumes of some Elite figures, Plastic recycling ain’t happenin’, FedGov hates military veterans, Lots of big money rolling into Arkansas to try to sway voters to legalize marijuana, More violence against Orthodox Christians in Ukraine, A wonderful vision in Ephesus, Young people can also have a bigContinue reading “Links for 7 Nov. 2022”

Links for 5 Nov. 2022

A master and slave in Bologna, both martyred for Christ, Is this what we’ve come to in the uS – the Waffle House is a better place than the Church? Related, Nuremberg-type trials for the trans pushers? Online orders of abortion pills soaring in Louisiana, Major energy crisis hitting EuropeanContinue reading “Links for 5 Nov. 2022”

Links for 4 Nov. 2022

Nothing new – voter fraud in New Orleans, Biowarfare in the Ukraine? Bioweapons uS patent intended for military use, Something still isn’t right about the Pelosi attack, Trying to make something good out of the mess that is the Declaration of Independence, Another martyr under the communists who helped enlightenContinue reading “Links for 4 Nov. 2022”

Links for 3 Nov. 2022

Storms and healing trees – how creation responds to God’s Grace in His saints and martyrs, A nuanced position on war and the Church, The South needs a National Enlighteners’ Day – ‘a Bulgarian holiday that celebrates writers and educators who helped preserve the nation’s spiritual values’, Globalists prepping a collapse ofContinue reading “Links for 3 Nov. 2022”

Links for 2 Nov. 2022

The pro-life cause still has miles to go to reach its goal of no baby murder, Major warning signs about covid shots causing stillbirths, Russia getting closer to banning all LGBT propaganda,, A saint who didn’t need candles to read at night, The self-inflicted wounds of the uS, UK, andContinue reading “Links for 2 Nov. 2022”

Links for 1 Nov. 2022

Another alarmist climate prediction debunked, Satanism promoted on late night ‘comedy’ show, Transhumanist pushes a kid’s book, A better option for literature for the young, Protestors speak the truth about Obama and the Ukraine war, The evils of euthanasia in Canada,, Recovering the truth about the Spanish civilContinue reading “Links for 1 Nov. 2022”

Links for 31 Oct. 2022

Big Tech censorship ongoing, Colluding with FedGov in the process, The untold story of forced abortions, France and Germany not too happy with uS punishing their economies, vow to fight back if necessary, A new saint enters the Orthodox calendar, Another joyful anniversary in Moldova of a monastery reopening afterContinue reading “Links for 31 Oct. 2022”

Links for 30 Oct. 2022

Something strange about the Paul Pelosi attack, Occult control of government, by Jay Dyer, Cancellation of covid truth-tellers continues, AG Landry:  Divest from BlackRock! Congressional Republicans lay out their agenda for after the midterms, Uppity mag The Atlantic endorsed eugenics and sterilization in the past, A destroyer of paganismContinue reading “Links for 30 Oct. 2022”