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Links for 26 Jan. 2023

Pfizer trying to keep its covid vaxx racket going by creating its own covid mutations to introduce into the population, Fake OCU taking over holy sites in the Ukraine and Mt Athos,,, and singing songs about murdering Russians while inside one of them,  . . . It is not a goodContinue reading “Links for 26 Jan. 2023”


Links for 25 Jan. 2023

Germany admits it:  We’re at war with Russia, Kiev regime sanctions more Orthodox Christians, Some in the West are finally seeing the truth about the Kiev regime and its Christian persecution, Links between the CIA, Nazis, and Ukraine, The first bishop martyred by the Soviets, who was ruling in Kiev atContinue reading “Links for 25 Jan. 2023”

Links for 24 Jan. 2023

Ukraine drowning in corruption, White House was very forceful in its demands for censorship from Big Tech, Ireland’s immigration crisis, The war between ugliness and beauty, In praise of motherhood, A true warrior of Christian asceticism, In defense of the South/Confederate States, BLM brings The Revolution to theContinue reading “Links for 24 Jan. 2023”

Links for 23 Jan. 2023

A wonderful appraisal of poetry, theology, creativity, and reality, Whoever flees sorrows and troubles for worldly comfort puts his salvation at risk, A hymn to St John the Baptist, A wonderful work of art dedicated to the memory of Matthew Fontaine Maury destroyed for no good reason, Man is more thanContinue reading “Links for 23 Jan. 2023”

Links for 21 Jan. 2023

Ivan Provorov is the voice of conscience that the LGBT crowd is desperate to silence, Republicans pushing diversity and inclusion idiocy in the uS House, In praise of John Quincy Adams’s foreign policy of restraint, Tulane’s commitment to wokeness displayed, 80 of Illinois’s 102 counties have pledged not to enforce theContinue reading “Links for 21 Jan. 2023”

Links for 20 Jan. 2023

Persecution of an Orthodox abbot in the Ukraine, Western rockets used by Kiev regime to kill civilians, Israel’s common-sense judicial reform, Taking away the power of recall of uS senators by the State Legislatures was a mistake, West Virginia wants to regulate its natural resources without federal rules, Another reportContinue reading “Links for 20 Jan. 2023”

Links for 19 Jan. 2023

Sir Roger Scruton on the importance of architecture, Utah vs the feds on guns, Another RINO Mitch aims for the uS Senate, Provorov’s stand against LGBT ‘pride’ event has lots of support, But there was also a predictable woke meltdown over it, All change is not progress, A breakdownContinue reading “Links for 19 Jan. 2023”

Links for 18 Jan. 2023

How businesses use phony titles to avoid onerous federal wage regulations, ‘The Midwestern Identity’, The end of the petrodollar is near, The uS dollar will eventually lose a lot of value because of that, Some States seem to be aware of that and are taking appropriate measures,, 10 millionContinue reading “Links for 18 Jan. 2023”

Links for 17 Jan. 2023

Orthodox bishops in France condemn euthanasia, Many dozens baptized in the Congo, Tom Fleming on what to do about immigration and why, A Robert Frost poem on real community, on neighborly cooperation, TSA increasingly using facial recognition tech at uS airports (the totalitarian opposite of the Frost poem), Human sacrificeContinue reading “Links for 17 Jan. 2023”

Links for 16 Jan. 2023

One of the main gods of ‘America’ is violence, The right to use cash is being placed into law in the UK, GOP ratchets up the rhetoric towards China, Rioters arrested in Brazil being forcibly injected with covid shots? Another young man ‘dies suddenly’, Why the ancient Greek scientists didn’tContinue reading “Links for 16 Jan. 2023”