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Links for 10 March 2023

China for peace:  helps reconcile Iran and Saudi Arabia, Persecution of the Orthodox in Ukraine steps up, Time to go after the Mexican drug cartels rather than fund Kiev regime? Minnesota govt’s bias against Christians, Notre Dame going super woke, What the White House does to Africans who show independenceContinue reading “Links for 10 March 2023”

Links for 9 March 2023

Unintended consequences of legalizing marijuana, Idaho may be buying gold and silver reserves soon, Australia and the UK paying the price for mass covid vaxxing, UK may require backyard farmers to register their chickens with the gov’t, Fairy tale reading list, Egotism vs community; young folks returning to church? reading “Links for 9 March 2023”

Links for 8 March 2023

Similarities between bodily health and economics, What is gov’t for? Fake conservatives outing themselves over J6 footage, Trump finally makes a few noises about releasing the J6 protestors from jail, Utah’s fake gun protection law, An examination into the chicken feed scare reveals nothing conclusive so far, Louisiana’s BESEContinue reading “Links for 8 March 2023”

Links for 6 March 2023

Not much outcry from Christian ‘leaders’ over Christians being arrested in the ‘free West’, A saint with great power over the demons, Jimmy Carter a better president than some give him credit for, Use of the Bible under fire because of verses that mention slavery, Another pair of martyrs who miraculouslyContinue reading “Links for 6 March 2023”

Links for 4 March 2023

Hungary making waves in world politics; Orban must watch out for assassins now, Tennessee tries to shore up morality amongst her people, Trump gets bolder in his campaign platform, The blame game continues over East Palestine, Making religion another part of our ‘individual expression’, Millions of animals being jabbed withContinue reading “Links for 4 March 2023”

Links for 3 March 2023

Prayers of holy folk can keep violent enemies at bay, And can destroy demonic idols and temples, A good ensample of church charity, The pro-family direction of the GOP that should be encouraged, uS House proposal to keep the Federal Reserve from creating a digital currency, Warmonger Alexander Vindman isContinue reading “Links for 3 March 2023”

Links for 2 March 2023

Demonic AI now guiding Romania’s gov’t, A bill to protect the blood supply from covid vaxx contamination, Latest on FedGov’s social media propaganda campaign, FedGov’s heavy financing of illegal alien relocation within the States, Separation of Church and state is abnormal, What the phrase ‘pursuit of happiness’ means in theContinue reading “Links for 2 March 2023”

Links for 1 March 2023

uS deep state trying to save their skin by diverting blame for covid solely to China, Mexico and uS FedGov getting serious about the border crisis?, The glory of modesty, International Women’s Day is a socialist/commie ‘holiday’, Leftists slobber all over Lenin, Mao, etc., The uS are not theContinue reading “Links for 1 March 2023”

Links for 28 Feb. 2023

Two venerable, strong, holy nuns of Syria, Vivek Ramaswamy’s view of ‘America’ is flawed and will only cause more problems if embraced, Western imperialism via the World Bank makes non-Western countries view the West unfavorably, The concepts of arete and virtus in the West, Christian nurse persecuted in the UK, reading “Links for 28 Feb. 2023”

Links for 27 Feb. 2023

The NFL ain’t so kind to its players, The life of the Apostle of Austria, St Rupert, and his niece, the Holy Nun Erendruda, Excellent words to begin the Great Fast from the Holy Elder John Krestiankin, Sometimes a society needs a big prison system to lock away satanic criminal fiends, reading “Links for 27 Feb. 2023”