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Links for 25 Feb. 2023

Treating men as identical to women leads to suffering for all, Green and black tea protect against dioxins, Tacitus’s influence on the young uS; here is a good quote that has meaning for today:  ‘Similarly, “Cato junior,” a Rhode Island Antifederalist, relied on Tacitus to show that corrupt governments endeavor to corrupt theContinue reading “Links for 25 Feb. 2023”

Links for 24 Feb. 2023

Natural antibiotics without the negative side-effects of the lab-created kind, Fake country singer’s pro-Zelensky song gets trashed,, Austin, Texas’s woke public schools have their version of holy week, Giving the gift of our attention to the people around us, Another location in Louisiana bearing the name of the wonderful StContinue reading “Links for 24 Feb. 2023”

Links for 23 Feb. 2023

Chemicals ignited in East Palestine were meant as a false flag op in/around Ukraine? Yellowstone is anti-conservative propaganda, What is causing the trans fad, NATO is childish, Wyoming Legislature approves food freedom bill, Nattokinase to detox from covid spike proteins, uS-China-Israel-Big Pharma alliance to create and deploy covid shots?Continue reading “Links for 23 Feb. 2023”

Links for 22 Feb. 2023

South Africa as a lesson for the uS not to follow, Russian diplomats ask for investigation of Nord Stream attack, Vivek Ramaswamy ain’t conservative, India’s place in modern world politics, The relics of the Saints are the real ‘buried treasure’, Many wonderful saints of Syria celebrated today: reading “Links for 22 Feb. 2023”

Links for 21 Feb. 2023

The ‘final solution’ for the elderly – assisted suicide, Democrat governors band together to promote child murder, Will Wisconsin have sound money? Montana may strengthen the rights of gun owners, NOAA helping to cover up the extent of the harm from the toxins in Ohio? A better kind of MardiContinue reading “Links for 21 Feb. 2023”

Links for 20 Feb. 2023

The prayers of two holy hermits slew a giant monster in the wilderness, Another ascetic who lived at the Jordan River and was befriended by St John the Baptist, Obedience begets great holiness, A discourse on the immortality of the soul, St Fintan, severed heads, and the efficacy of prayer forContinue reading “Links for 20 Feb. 2023”

Links for 18 Feb. 2023

German group warns against covid vaxxes, New Jersey’s bonkers drug law that transforms criminals into dealers, Biden regime smears Russia again, A similar effort to fan the flames of war with Russia and her allies, How to detox from dioxin, Race relations ain’t that great in some places in theContinue reading “Links for 18 Feb. 2023”

Links for 17 Feb. 2023

Biden denies an emergency declaration for East Palestine, Ohio, toxic chemical spill??!!, City crime continues to worsen, Kansas proposes gold and silver as legal tender, Plutarch’s influence on the States, Chemtrails on people’s minds, Creepy Bing AI bot messages, Sen Hawley vs the warhawk uniparty of DC, VirginiaContinue reading “Links for 17 Feb. 2023”

Links for 16 Feb. 2023

The ugly incentives at play in Ukraine’s reconstruction, Church and gov’t are waging a war on anything traditional in England, Woke lawmakers may not like the consequences for minorities if they get their longed-for gun bans, The underwhelming response to the East Palestine, Ohio, chemical spill, Iraq’s misery continues, TheContinue reading “Links for 16 Feb. 2023”

Links for 15 Feb. 2023

Good ensamples of parents willing to fight for the souls of their children and for the good of their fatherland, Gov Edwards has no problem with pornographic books in La. public libraries, Several States will try to shield minors from pornographic web sites, uS presidents are much more powerful than King GeorgeContinue reading “Links for 15 Feb. 2023”