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Links for 6 Oct. 2021

COVID shots don’t work, Governors getting restless over the border situation, Traitors signing on to net-zero carbon emissions fraud, NATO trying to expand in South America and the rest of the world,, Still trying to tear ol’ Dixie down, A devastating report of sexual abuse by the French RomanContinue reading “Links for 6 Oct. 2021”

Links for 4 Oct. 2021

A great essay on the ills of the modern West, Yet another grand monument to a national Saint rises in Russia, The negative effects of EMFs on the brain, Google workers frightened by their work on robotics and AI, A Russian naval hero and saint, Why you don’t want aContinue reading “Links for 4 Oct. 2021”

Links for 1 Oct. 2021

Sword of St Michael,, COVID vaxxes are failing,, Two Protestant visions of American politics, Atheistic nationalism being promoted to cure our societal divisions (in other words, a secular church), Church numbers collapse, and increase in interest in the Orthodox Church, The Orthodox Church’s activity in China, TheContinue reading “Links for 1 Oct. 2021”

Links for 30 Sept. 2021

Gov DeSantis gets it right on Australia, YouTube continues to censor, What you won’t find on YouTube – 50,000 Medicare deaths by COVID vaxx, ‘Working overtime’ to help people engage in vice, Delving into the thought of the ‘Radical Right’, Toxic ingredients in COVID vaxx, UK military now focusedContinue reading “Links for 30 Sept. 2021”

Links for 28 Sept. 2021

A new Orthodox martyr in Israel, The first Orthodox church on Dominica is coming, The end of NATO is near? Vaxx virtue-signaling on job resumes, The voluntary carbon dioxide tracking credit card that could become mandatory, These are the nice folks behind the COVID shots, More reasons not toContinue reading “Links for 28 Sept. 2021”

Links for 27 Sept. 2021

The end of the world is nigh when this icon falls from the gates, Those evil Russians are helping the poor in Syria, while the US, Turkey, and others continue to bomb the latter, Warnings from Malaysia’s Prime Minister about the globalists’ plans for depopulation, etc., The COVID faithful are trying toContinue reading “Links for 27 Sept. 2021”

Links for 25 Sept. 2021

Our sins cause national calamities, Why is the US supporting Nazis in the Ukraine? A movie about a saint is the most popular in Greece; what about the States?, This is a sign that mass violence may not be far off, when our supposed ‘leaders’ lose all sense of manners, reading “Links for 25 Sept. 2021”

Links for 23 Sept. 2021

‘America’ isn’t the only place that believes it has a God-given mission; Hungary has one, too, and it is better than the Yankee, utopian scheme of a City on a Hill, Wrong perspective, ‘Involuntary death is clearly morally bad’ – Big Tech begins its push to decriminalize marijuana, Health privacy invasion byContinue reading “Links for 23 Sept. 2021”

Links for 20 Sept. 2021

A prince who had a dramatic impact on Siberia, Mongolia, etc., for the Orthodox Faith, The kind of senator we need, How the saints return paradise to the earth, A prince who can help us end our feuds, Why monastics are such a blessing for the world, Modern miracles ofContinue reading “Links for 20 Sept. 2021”

Links for 18 Sept. 2021

France vs the Anglosphere, New religious views (such as worship of the environment, evolution, etc.) lead to new ways of treating the human body after death, Synthetic biology is getting big investments, How people can become ‘invincible’, More Orthodox baptisms in Africa, Sunlight for COVID prevention, Another way theContinue reading “Links for 18 Sept. 2021”