Links for 13 Dec. 2021

A sermon tailor-made for our apocalyptic times,

The Grace of God works through means beyond human reason,

The place of the body in the work of salvation; how the current system tries to undermine its integrity and by that the whole human being made in the image of God,

30 Nov./13 Dec. 2021, St Herman of Alaska (NC)

Higher suicide rates among wealthy peoples than among poor ones,

The Mother of God protected a five-year-old girl from a murder attempt,

Germany’s foreign policy looks like it will be a disaster,–woke–crusader-at-germany-s-helm/

Prayers that the Orthodox Church still uses came from these 4th-century martyrs,

The hypocrisy of Big Retail over complaints of theft and other crime,

Ivermectin proves itself again in Brazil,

France’s shameful acts in Africa,

In a supremely ironic twist, NATO wants to expand to the Pacific,

Romania cuddles up with its former persecutor,

Spanish folks in the States leaning in a more conservative direction,

Pope Francis further promotes demonic ecumenism,

A true prayer warrior and one of the first Fools-for-Christ in Russia,

Hedonism and secularism at the heart of population decline in the West,

Looking for a way forward on prosecuting COVID masterminds,

More on the cholesterol-heart attack myth,

Florida takes a giant step forward in COVID treatment,

Monsanto successfully prosecuted in Hawai’i,

Contra homo economicus,

The latest bad in voting,

Gov Newsom can’t wait to persecute gun owners in California,

Pat Buchanan on Biden’s ideological crusade,

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