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Links for 22 March 2022

Positive effects of the war in the Ukraine,

And some negative effects,

Dr Wilson overturns the conventional theory of the ‘Civil’ War and slavery,

DeSantis makes a good statement on ‘Lia’ Thomas,

A great prayer from the Martyr Basil,

Beware of fake nullification,

California undermining federal supremacy,

Cost of living increases causing protests in different parts of the world,

Culture war bills in Louisiana,

More fake news/false flags from the Ukie Nazi forces,

uS citizens now seeking asylum overseas to escape political persecution,

The uS always deny their role in starting wars around the world,

A real divide in contemporary society:  those who support all the Regime’s new proposals, and those who question them,

CIA collaboration with Nazis after WWII,

More negative results of maxx vaxxing for covid,

uS war planning against China,

Mines and other atrocities of the Kiev regime,

The uS harming itself with its Ukraine diplomacy,

Russia could come out of Ukraine war weakened if she is not careful,

Turkey attempts to rally Muslim unity with perceived grievances,

Conditions getting worse in Serbia,

Digging more deeply into the Nazis of the Ukraine; and the exploitation of the Ukraine by the uS, IMF, etc.,

Entering into a new era like the Middle Ages; similarities between the uS and Russia,

Cellphones are a radiation hazard,

Financial penalties being used against the unvaxxed,

Vaxx efficacy is nill,

The Ukraine under Zelensky shows how digital IDs can be deployed and abused,

The latest pro-vaxx psy-op from the federal gov’t,

A simple remedy for Alzheimer’s?

We desperately need brave men like St Isaac to rebuke the Powers That Be; may God have mercy on us and grant them to us,

Even those with holy intentions can fall into deep sin, but even then, repentance is still possible,

The origins, goals, and extensive influence of the Straussians/neocons,

An excellent two-part essay on the decline of cities in the West:


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