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Links for 28 March 2022

Pro-life statements and marches by the Orthodox churches:

Serbia remembers those murdered by NATO in 1999,

More attempted persecution of the Orthodox in the Ukraine by Kiev,

What can restore order to the dysfunctional uS?–culture/

Fauci wants more covid restrictions,

More inflation coming,

Another false flag warning in the Ukraine,

Ron Paul on the Disaster in Chief,

American Heart Association:  Covid vaxxes cause heart damage,

Internal civil war amongst the DC cabal?

Obama connections to Ukraine biolabs,

A uS-Russia war will not solve the problems dogging the States (or the world),

Biden’s gaffe about removing Putin from power wasn’t a gaffe,

A great critique of the uS and their wretched foreign policy,

Signs that war is coming?

Assassinations attempts by the uS against foreign leaders,

Who should be charged with war crimes?

Higher interest rates, depression, and then digital currency,

A new war in Serbia?

St-Tsar Nicholas’s choice to sacrifice himself to save Russia,

A brief history of Jewish interaction with Christians in the Ukraine area (it ain’t pretty),

A prophetic prince-martyr in Bulgaria, foretelling her conversion to Christianity,

Manipulating covid stats to push agendas,

Pfizer in trouble over cancer-causing chemicals in their ‘medicine’,

What would wages look like if they increased at the same rate as corporate CEO bonuses?

Cracks in Western solidarity?

Ethics problems in the White House science office,

Telepathy experiments in the Soviet Union,

The holy, clairvoyant Eldress Xenia who suffered under the Soviets, but foretold of a regenerated Orthodox Russia and the re-enthronement of a Tsar,

Video games the new transmitters of history?!

How an icon was miraculously saved from destruction,

A saint of Africa with great insights into the spiritual life,

The sufferings of the martyrs and confessors cause the Church to grow,

Orthodoxy gaining strength in the British isles,

Alarming poll numbers show the continued collapse of Christianity in the uS,

Zelensky is failing his people,

A wonderful sermon by St Proclus on the great and joyful mystery of the Incarnation of the Word of God,

Countries should be careful who they make alliances with, and why,


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