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Links for 29 April 2022

Corrupting libraries in the uS,

Corrupting social studies programs in public schools,

Federal Ministry of Truth discussed:

The Elite like to broadcast their intentions to the plebs,

Strange coincidences about the NYC subway attack,

Covid vaxx mandates an easy way to purge the uS military of Christian, conservative, patriotic men (leaving only immoral thugs within the ranks)?

New poll on abortion in Louisiana,

An extraordinary appearance of the Mother of God,

Corruption uncovered at FDA, CDC, etc.,

Another uS destabilization target:  Pakistan,

Libya, too:

Cities founded by Alexander the Great,

Caution urged with regard to Musk and Twitter,

Russian court fines TikTok for promoting sexual perversion,

A great African ascetic and wonderworker,

The Orthodox Laz people, crushed between the Muslims and the Roman Catholics,

The weaponization of language:

The digital control grid is growing,

Just a few million warrantless searches by the FBI; no big deal,

A mainstream admission that covid vaxxes don’t work,

Bizarre DNA seed bank at ISS and on the moon,

Signs in the sky,

A nice poem by Tom Riley on martyrs,

Wisdom from early Christian writers,

Lavrov speaks out on uS/NATO aggression in Ukraine,

Setting another precedent to ignore private property protections in the uS,

Microsoft’s planetary computer for the ‘good of the environment’,

Global, real-time spying apparatus going live to enforce globalist mandates on the masses,

G-mail has a political bias,


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