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Links for 12 May 2022

Miraculous visions revealing a 13th-hundredyear martyrdom,

FBI targets a legitimate news organization,

San Diego County redefines ‘woman’,

uS Rep Porter:  ‘We need more abortion to control inflation’,

A 1,300th anniversary for a diocese in the Ukraine,

The need to strike the right balance on border protection and civil liberties,

Big failure in the Louisiana Senate to protect the health of school kids,

Much rejoicing over the opportunity to send federal pork to Louisiana,

Now the climate experts are warning that the environment is ‘too clean’,

Art and technology as acts of sub-creation that can honor God and uplift man or do the opposite,

Lewis on the sub-genres of science fiction,

A book recommendation with Christian and agrarian themes,

The need to avoid political extremes in the Church,

A summary of the covid epidemic,

A nice riff on the ridiculous $40 billion that went to Ukraine,

More on Elon Musk’s pedigree as a technocrat,

More on the advancement of the technocrat agenda,

China is no longer a communist country,

Why has Israel had a change of heart on the Ukraine?

Why is NATO still in Iraq?

Colombia sucked deeper into the NATO vortex,

uS wants to develop ‘Arctic capable forces’,

Tucker Carlson on the latest swindle for the sake of Ukraine,

A Greek and Orthodox connection to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,

The war on bad books,

The kind of archpastor desperately needed by the Southern people,

Google obsesses over skin tones,

Texas law challenges Big Tech censorship,

Scientists trying to conquer death without God,

A Saint dear to the West,

Bee deaths from pesticide-treated seeds,

People freaking out over new oil and gas drilling,

The benefits of time outdoors,

Ivermectin’s anti-cancer effects,

A bill to oppose; threatens availability of herbal supplements and the like,

Biden decries autocracy, but most of the Left’s agenda has been imposed autocratically by the federal Supreme Court, not democratically,

‘Changing the world’ as a new religion,


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