Links for 22 July 2022

Remembering Thomas Carlyle,

Analysis of covid vaxx-caused blood clots,

A brief look at FedGov’s powers over Native American tribes,

The trouble with divorce,

Services to the pre-Schism Saints of Irish and British Isles being compiles; 95 so far,

Close to three dozen baptized in Tanzania,

Lying about monkey pox to protect the image of homosexuals,

Digital IDs a threat to humanity,

The Iran nuclear deal as a prelude to war,

Greek gov’t accuses Kiev of trading military weapons on black market,

Defending the traditional Orthodox view of baptism and its context within the Church and the family:

Documenting the violence and brutality of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974,

A look at the great Hippocrates,

More illustrations of the dynamism of the Eurasian powers – Russia, China, Iran, etc., and sclerotic, lifeless West:

A miraculous icon of the Martyr-Tsar Nicholas II,

The plan to instill fear and forgetfulness of God in man,

One of Russia’s priceless wooden churches,

St Mary Magdalene’s relics in France,

The dangers of taking aspirin every day,

‘Advances’ in hacking and controlling the brain,

The EPA shows its uselessness again,

Dr Fauci’s obscene retirement income,

The response of the waters on Chios to the martyrdom of St Markella,

A bleak future for literature – using AI to help crank out lots of novels,

What illegal immigration hath wrought – child labor,

A ‘trans’ bill of rights in the uS,

Hot mediums vs cool mediums,

How we got our throw-away culture,

Federal Interior Dept. goes on an anti-racist renaming crusade,

What do Republican’s stand for?  Codifying homosexual marriage into federal law,

Will space colonies become the penal colonies of the future?

More on the antidepressant-mass shooting link,

How Christians save the world through quiet prayer, the Divine Liturgy, etc.,

The mystery of salvation,

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