Links for 25 Aug. 2022

A high-ranking gov’t official who became a much-loved and holy bishop,

The miracle of the Jewish child preserved from harm in a hot oven,

The spectacularly wrong predictions of oxygen depletion, global cooling, etc., from 50 years ago,

Greg Abbott’s virtue-signaling on the Ukraine,

Excess deaths surging in young folks thanks to covid vaxxes,

More claims of unusual, harmful components in covid jabs,,

Murder is still being pushed as a solution for difficult pregnancies in Louisiana,

Good vs bad nationalism,

The mystical nature of music,

Musings on civil war and Elite techno-dominance in the uS,

Democrat candidate in New York openly praises socialism,

Vitamin C and polio,

Western terrorist nations spill massive amounts of blood in Yemen, etc., to secure more oil and gas resources for themselves,

Metropolitan Nikolaos gives a good interview on family, Church, science, etc.,

Greece’s largest ancient city,

A big day in recent Greek history,

The economic horror that awaits the Ukraine after Western ‘rebuilding’,

Some points worth noting about the Ukraine from Vaclav Klaus,

The realities the spiritually blind West is not seeing,

The necessity of reading/knowing the Holy Fathers of the Church,

Mobile field churches for Russian armed forces,

Orthodoxy growing in the heart of Mormon country,

The uS dollar is out in trade between India and Russia,

NATO trying to militarize the Arctic,

About the ancient Roman baths,

Health care in the uS ain’t all that great,

WEF touting implantable devices that can give kids ‘superpowers’, etc.,

Alexander Dugin’s words of farewell for his daughter Darya,

Holy Elder Nikolai Guryanov, a gift of God to the world in these latter days,

The un-Christian Pledge of Allegiance,

Cancelled for telling the truth about Africa’s role in the slave trade,

War merchants getting fat from Biden-Congress weapons spending for Ukraine,

Climate change solution fantasies,

The Divine Liturgy transforms us,

A unique Cross gets its own feast day in Russia,

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