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Links for 6 Sept. 2022

What you get with unrestricted immigration – huge knife and machete brawls in the streets,

A federal proposal to crush small, independent media voices,

Reasons why kindergarten shouldn’t be mandatory,

Equality is the destroyer of genius,

Pat Buchanan again asks the right question:  Should there be a separation of the States?

Voter demographics could change significantly due to deaths caused by covid jabs,

The blood of people after receiving the covid vaxx is abnormal,

Monasteries help hardened criminals live a life of repentance,

An ethnomartyr of the Lemko people,

Great thoughts from H. L. Mencken on public schools,

The art of visiting,

Ways to strengthen the power grid,

The uS Elite is increasingly becoming obsessed with spreading the sexual revolution to ‘backwards’ countries,

The influence of the very real ethnic-cultural regions of the uS does not receive the attention it deserves,

Another report on the bizarre clots being found in corpses in the post-covid vaxx era,

New Zealand could be making a fatal mistake re: energy,

African leaders resent Washington City’s efforts to split them from Russia and China,

World economy update – India up, China and the UK down,,

Big surprise – the West breaks a promise to Russia,

An icon for Ethiopia, India, and Arabia that has Apostolic connections,

Korea redux with the Ukraine vis-à-vis the Republican Party’s foreign policy,

Turning autism into an income source; the latest nauseating story from investment vulture capitalists,

The globalist Mercury Project wants to brainwash you into getting a covid injection,

Don’t blame bats for covid,

Combating queer hostility in the German gov’t as the economy implodes (misplaced priorities, anyone?),

Other Germans don’t seem too enamored with the idea,

uS NGO sent money to Hungary to try to get Orban ousted in the last election,

‘Kill the Boer’ isn’t hate-speech, according to South Africa’s high court,

Healings given to man by the Archangel Michael,

Pedophilia in West Germany and other notes on the culture war,

How ideology has harmed the California power grid,

A case of flaming judicial activism in North Carolina,


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