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Links for 20 Oct. 2022

Russians starting to move in the wrong direction on Church influence,

The South ain’t nothing compared to these West Coast racists,

uS State Dept. funding a drag show in Ecuador,

Zelensky wants to turn Ukraine into a digital dystopia owned by giant corporations,

FedGov knew about covid vaxx adverse events but did nothing to warn people,

Some ideas for defending and strengthening Christian culture in the uS,

The uS’s plan for a new colonialization of Africa,

Bad trends in the Papacy and in the Patriarchate of Constantinople,

Greek Orthodox and Turkish Muslim geopolitics enter Pennsylvania’s uS Senate election,

International energy politics,

Yet another Red State removes its investment funds from globalist BlackRock,

Musk getting cozy with the Pentagon,

Mark Hamill meddling in an area far outside his area of expertise,

New Zealand farmers protest heavy new taxes,

Giant corporations surely have our best interests at heart,

Plenty to be concerned about in the Biden regime’s new National Biodefense Strategy,

If parents follow the latest CDC guidance recommending the covid jabs for their kids, those kids will get 72 injections between the ages of 6 months and 18 years,

State Attorneys General fight back against this latest CDC act of shame,

The uS FedGov shows its true face to the Saudis, and it ain’t pretty,

Babylon Bee’s scary movie choices,

Southern Baptists getting a bit of a backbone over women pastors,

The importance of speed in modern society,

Russia’s stand in the Ukraine is about stopping the evil global monoculture from spreading any further,

Putting profits ahead of virtue,

Video game system sales up 41% in the UK; bread and circuses still reign, for now, despite signs of deep economic hardships on the horizon,

 Sounds like Georgia still has a ways to go before it is un-Shermanized:

Part II of Archbishop Averky’s talk on Antichrist,

Spain’s contribution to uS independence,

Do the uS want to repeat the tragedy of Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya, etc., in the Ukraine, Russia, and western Europe?  That’s the direction we’re heading if FedGov doesn’t start peace negotiations,

Leftists preparing a race war for the uS?

Orthodox fighting for the lives of the unborn in New York,


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