Links for 13 Oct. 2021

Killer robot dogs now a reality,

A very evil bribe to get people vaxxed,

A much better way to fight COVID,

China’s correct diagnosis of the American illness of liberal individualism,

The COVID vaxxes are a colossal failure,

An icon painted by the Holy Evangelist Luke himself,

Breakthrough cases rising in Minnesota,

Issues caught up in the Civil War, particularly State vs federal supremacy, are still very much relevant today,

The effectiveness of nebulizing hydrogen peroxide and saline to treat COVID,

An icon and army victories,

A curious absence from the Pandora Papers,

“It is a miracle that proves how a mother’s love and faith is stronger than illness or death. I am glad you didn’t have an abortion…”,

Why do the US and UK need a nuke buildup?

A helpful interview about China and the West,

Who is Eric Zemmour, the populist who has been garnering so much attention in France lately?

More evidence that care for ‘sacred Mother Earth’ is a means to a one world religion,; related,

Peskov bizarrely claims that only the depopulation/eugenics COVID vaxx will save Russia as news of her population’s steep decline in 2020 come to light,

For help understanding the political situation in Iraq,

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