Links for 4 Jan. 2022

Blockchain, NFTs, and the future of video games,

Pay attention to problems here at home, not ‘undemocratic’ problems overseas,

The longing for royalty/nobility/monarchy cannot be eradicated,

A rush for ‘medical’ marijuana in Louisiana, a bad sign,

Incentivizing harmful COVID treatments,

Black soldiers received lousy treatment in the Yankee military,

Russia officially honors another Christian historical landmark,

Things to eat to help ward off viruses,

Is Bill Clinton a CIA asset?

War, war, war – Washington can’t think of anything better to do,

An important naval battle between Greece and Turkey in 1913,

A 20th century leper-saint who shows us remarkably well how to endure suffering with Christian joy,

Problems caused by artificial ingredients in food,

Even the New York Times’s best-seller book list is a fraud,

Sears and Youngkin are already betraying Virginia (thanks to an unnamed person for this link),

Brave martyrs who refused to compromise the Orthodox Faith,

Mainstreaming of robots continues apace,

Sports has a hold on the uS’s attention,

More on political trends in Latin America,

Evangelicals aren’t the only ones with personal religious testimonies they want to share – users of psychedelic drugs are telling theirs now,

KFC gets on the fake meat bandwagon, to the dismay of The Colonel,

The labors of some of the Orthodox enlighteners of Georgia,

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