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Links for 11 April 2022

Ron Paul on CIA misinformation about Russia,

How women can become more feminine,

Kids turning to drugs to cope with depression, stress, etc.,–kids–schools–and-the-dulling-of-the-mind/

Bullion/Sound money and forming military units at the State level as the federal gov’t implodes,

Another ethno-martyr honored in Greece,

The holy relics that protect a resilient monastery in Bosnia,

Dr McCullough on covid shots altering genes, which are then passed on to future generations,

New Jersey’s demonic guidelines for teaching 1st and 2nd graders about gender fluidity,

uS favoritism towards Ukraine is counter to the advice of Washington,

A Soviet-style political prisoner in Canada,

The BRICS alternative to the Western financial system is being formed,

The Ukraine war is much closer to home than Westerners think,

Another cheap covid drug found, and the attempts to stifle knowledge of it,

Diesel shortages will help crush the world’s economic health,

More quotes from the Orthodox Fathers on man and natural law,

Chinese anti-missile system now in Serbia,

NATO cracking down on dissenters from the official narrative,

History lessons about Ukraine,

Apollonius of Tyana as a false Christ,

Laser communication satellite in the works,

The ‘best friend’ of the uS in the Middle East once again making life difficult for Christians,

A plea not to exaggerate the needs of the individual,

Excuses the Soviets made to persecute Christian leaders,

Batman as an image of the uS/West,

Stupid EPA gets ready to reapprove extremely harmful neonic pesticides,

A new report on data brokering, the latest in surveillance capitalism,

The virtue of neutrality in times of war,

More NATO aggression against Russia,

Which States handled covid best?

Militarizing health care,

Florida seeks ways to bolster fatherhood,

An extraordinary 19th-century bishop, prophet, and wonderworker of Romania,

The uS are never held to account for their war crimes,–america-s-ribbentrop/

An ethnarch of the Greeks who gave his life for them and their freedom from the Muslims,

The importance of cross processions for a Christian people,

Buck Johnson interviews Jay Dyer on the Elite shaping of culture through intelligence agencies, libertarianism, Orthodoxy vs other confessions, etc.,

What the Elite think of the majority of human beings:  We’re a ‘useless class’,

A good bit of poetry about Admiral Raphael Semmes,

Pageau and Marceau on hierarchy and self-sacrifice,

Electing vs appointing judges,

Jay Dyer covers the eugenicist, depopulation agenda of the technocratic elite, focusing on Bertrand Russell,

Wanted:  a sober study and appraisal of uS history,


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