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Links for 20 Sept. 2022

Lawsuit filed over deadly hospital covid protocols,

USDA is a cruel animal slaughterhouse,

Don’t carry a Russian flag, or you’ll get arrested,

Pentagon won’t budge from covid jab requirement,

Dem obsession with MAGA Republicans has led to a death,

Celebrating deliverance from plague by a wonderworking icon of the Mother of God in a Greek city,

Some criticism of populist conservatism,

Central bank digital currency = tyranny,

Some mature economic ideas to strengthen the family and the local community,

The complicity of Africans in slavery and in black misery today,

The ironies of gun control,

The State gov’ts can easily end the border chaos if they want to,

A short synopsis of Italian conservatism on the ballot this weekend,

Newsweek article on the weakening of the uS-dominated global order,

Greece’s wrong decision on monarchy,

The notable deeds of Prince Michael the Martyr and St Theodore the Martyr of Chernigov that effected generations,

Another regional cooperation pact is forming in the Caspian nations,

On early Protestant dialogue with the Orthodox Church,

The unique and powerful ways the Orthodox Faith shaped the Russian soul and society,

The faulty foundations of the current uS economy,

Spanish gov’t refuses to comply with court order to reveal covid vaxx documents,

uS investors fleeing Europe,

Leftist peace movements in the uS in the 1800s,

The value of pepper,

FDA adopts transhumanist language in its latest statement on covid boosters,

Ventilators, not just vaxxes, are revealing a number of health risks,

That didn’t stop NY from spending hundreds of millions on them,

Pesticides and the health risks they pose to farm workers,

The globalist banksters have made themselves immune to criminal prosecution,

Do you want the globalist WEF’s AI program to decide which industries to chuck?

More WEF escapades, this time dealing with climate change alarmism,

Why Christians should engage in politics,

Is Big Pharma the 4th branch of FedGov?

A good statement on the decision to remove the Confederate monument in Arlington,


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