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Links for 24 Jan. 2023

Ukraine drowning in corruption,

White House was very forceful in its demands for censorship from Big Tech,

Ireland’s immigration crisis,

The war between ugliness and beauty,

In praise of motherhood,

A true warrior of Christian asceticism,

In defense of the South/Confederate States,

BLM brings The Revolution to the school classroom,

Disney takes another shot at erasing Southern culture,

DeSantis didn’t cave on opposing a woke Black history course,

An influence campaign is underway for South Africa’s allegiance,

Greece enters the drone tech production world,

The uS is trying desperately to counter Russia in Africa,

Russian gov’t asks broadcasters to evaluate how much pro-family, pro-traditional values programming is being aired, and if it could be increased,

DARPA teaming up with NASA on new rocket propulsion system,,

Switzerland forsakes its storied neutrality with weapons for Kiev regime,

Excess deaths have risen sharply in the UK,

German gov’t arresting more ‘right-wing extremists’,

Infighting amongst the globalist Elite?

EU approves of bugs that can be used in processed foods like bread, peanut butter, etc.,

Meloni gov’t in Italy not stopping waves of immigration into the country,

Nikki Haley tries to soften her stance on the Confederate symbols she trashed during her years as governor of South Carolina,

How Big Pharma came to dominate all parts of the medical profession,

¼ of folks admitted to a hospital will have an unnecessary adverse event of some kind,

Bernie Sanders blasts Big Pharma for economic pillaging of the uS,

The rapture and UFOs – two substitutes for authentic Christianity,,

uS attack on Iraq undercuts their criticism of Russia’s battle in the Ukraine,

In praise of Pat Buchanan,

A good Southerner has passed from this world,

Selling children – another crime that the Ukraine is given a pass on,


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